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"The foodbank has made a real difference"

The Elstead Foodbank was set up in March 2020, partly in response to the Covid-19 pandemic taking hold of the UK. Our idea was simple - to collect food from local people and businesses and redistribute the same to villagers in need, providing enough food for each household for three meals a day for one week. We now provide foodbank access to anyone in need in Elstead and the surrounding villages. 

The fantastic team of Elstead Food bank volunteers who set up and ran the Food bank since the pandemic started are stepping back to return to their other work and family commitments and hopefully have a well deserved rest. They helped so many people through the most difficult times of lockdown combined with financial hardships, and many who have been helped by the Food bank have been able to return to work and no longer need support from the Food Bank. We are all very grateful for the inspiration and determined hard work the team have put in under the leadership of Lynn.

There is still a need for The Food Bank to help those who would go hungry through longer term financial hardship or short term difficulties. The people of Elstead have been generous in their support, and a team of volunteers from St James Church have agreed to take on the running of the Food bank from 10th September 2021.


The Food Bank has moved to St James church and be open every Thursday from 10.00 am to 11.30 am. We will continue to deliver to those who cannot come to the church.

If you need help from the Food Bank and are not already receiving a parcel, please contact me.

If you would like to volunteer to help out on Thursday mornings, please also contact me. 

Reverend Delia Orme          0735 9098 655


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